Tuesday, December 8, 2009

elimae and such

So I got into cooper renner's last edition as the overall editor of elimae, a seriously great issue. The piece there was actually a version of what I submitted to Nanoism. I'm quite elated about that turn of events.

I've been considering how to meld my love of writing with my love of video games, and I've come up with, "poem-game." I don't exactly know what that means yet, but if video games can have a narrative and thus a story, they can certainly have a non-narrative and be potentially great. I think of games like flOw, where the act of play is more focused on imagry and concept than plot and narrative. Tetris is another example. I seriously am groovy to the idea of playing "The Red Wheelbarrow." I just can't get that out of my head.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

What "Farmville" Should Be Like

I think I'd like Facebook's "Farmville" better if it were more like Heather Christle's first book, The Difficult Farm, which you need to read. The poems in the book are insistent about the bizarre things they've discovered. They want to tell you about them, but you've got to catch up to them first. They're like rare animals that you just know will turn to gold in your hands if you can catch one. Man, that'd be one hell of a FB app.

So I'm up on Laura Scott's blog! You know, the one that you should be reading because the people that comment there are smart and helpful?

I just finished reading Abagail Thomas's, Three Dog Life, her memoir about her adapted life after her husband got run over by a car, and it's the only book I've ever had to stop reading. Not in that, "this is a bad book" way (I've had plenty of those moments), but because I couldn't handle it, just flat out. I'm a strong reader and like my books like I hate my coffee, but Three Dog Life got to me personally, and I feel better because of it. If you want beautifully framed writing that will tell it to you like it is while still giving you that juice that stories promise, then Abagail Thomas is your lady. She makes the tartest lemonade in town, but god you'll just love the pucker.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Strength Seizures

The News: So I got published! And I got another piece accepted! I'm no longer a virgin writer--Barry over at Dogzplot popped my literary cherry. Right after that The Northville Review accepted one of my pieces that's expected to come out early next year. I and other students will also be guest starring on Laura Scott's excellent VIPS on vsf !!!! I recommend visiting all those places and having your brain catalyzed with great writing.

In news not about me, I just finished reading Zachary Schomburg's Man Suit (his first book) and his watching his film-poetry project. I'm pretty sure that if you looked around my room, little peices of brain would glisten from my head exploding with sheer giddiness and glee. His recent works will unzip your world and let everything creepy you've been keeping secret come to light. It’s just as terrifying and wonderful as it sounds.

Laura Scott mentioned this really nifty publisher, 52 stitches and they've got some really fantastic tiny scares. They'll crawl into the spaces between your skin cells and take over in the best way possible.

Big Strong Words

This is now where I write and where I write about writings. Look, I'm doing it right now!